Table of Contents

Getting Started

AlterNET UI allows you to develop light-footprint cross-platform .NET desktop applications.

You can use your favorite .NET development environments on Windows, macOS, and Linux to develop AlterNET UI applications: Microsoft Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code.

IDE Support

Microsoft Visual Studio

To use AlterNET UI with Visual Studio, you need to install AlterNET UI extension for Visual Studio. This extension adds a new project type - AlterNET UI Application and a new project item type - UIXML file.

Create new project in Visual Studio

Refer to our Visual Studio step-by-step tutorial for more details.

Visual Studio Code

You will need to use a command-line tool to download AlterNET UI project template and create AlterNET UI application.

Refer to our command line step-by-step tutorial for more details.

AlterNET UI is published on as a package you can use in your .NET projects.